Enhanced Hierarchy 2.0 optimizes a lot your workflow and save you thousands of clicks by making GameObjects properties you use the most more accessible directly in your hierarchy.

  • Lightweight, no editor lags and freezes
  • Simple and clean, yet powerful
  • Customizable, you’ve got needs and tastes, right?
  • Plug ‘n’ play, it works out of the box
  • Nonintrusive
  • Looks nice on all hierarchies widths

Are you tired of selecting and deselecting GameObjects all the time just to enable or disable them? Or to change their tags? Or to change their layer? Then, this extension is made for you, you can do these tedious tasks faster, with just a click on the hierarchy.

Don’t you know where strange errors in your console are coming from? Well, the extension indicates those evil GameObjects that are throwing errors.

Does your partner keep changing that object you don’t want him to change? Lock it and prevent him (or even yourself) from messing things up.

The plugin was built with performance in mind because I’m sure you don’t want any extension stealing frames from your game.

And there’s a lot more, check it out today!

Supports all Unity versions since 5.5.
If you are using a Unity older than 5.5 you will receive Enhanced Hierarchy 2.2.3, which supports Unity 4.7 to 5.4.

Buy now, only $10!

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

More screenshots can be found in the store page.