Fullscreen Editor on Asset Store

A tool for Unity editor to make windows fullscreen, simple and easy, useful for recording tutorials, testing in a real gaming environment and tweaking the scene.

  • Plug ‘n’ play, it works out of the box
  • Better performance since version 2.1.0, no more framerate drops!
  • Multi-screen support, use as many monitors as you want
  • Fullscreen on play, because maximize on play is a waste of space
  • Configurable to best fit your needs
  • Nonintrusive
  • Fullscreen for any window, even the whole editor
  • Keep the state, don’t lose changes made on the fullscreened window
  • Clean code

Supports all Unity versions since 5.6.
Source code included!

Buy now, only $15!

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

More screenshots can be found on the store page.